G002 | Productivity | 5 tips to stop procrastinating

Have you always wanted to make better use of your time? Do you feel that you can accomplish more in your life? If, right now, you are doing something does not contribute to the overall well-being, you are procrastinating. Here are a few ways to help you stop procrastinating.

1. Get into the right state.
Breathe in and out five times to reconnect to your body. Think of five things that you are grateful for. What you are grateful for can range from a specific thing, such as a wonderful meal that you had for lunch, to something general, such as the fact that you are alive.

Example: “I am grateful that I have good health, I am grateful that I am alive, I am grateful that I have my eyes which allow me to read this article, I am grateful that I have enough clothing to be warm and I grateful that my heart is beating”

2. Get clarity with strong compelling reason
Articulate a S.M.A.R.T. goal with clear reasons in your mind, for me in this case, “I want to timebox 25 minutes to start writing an article on strategies to overcome procrastination so that I can develop my writing skill and so that readers may benefit”

3. Use a timer.
Nudge yourself into action with help of an external tool. Popularised by the famous Pomodoro Technique, it seems that 25 minutes is good choice. However, from personal experience, it seems that even a one-minute timer will do. The key is simply to overcome the initial barrier.

4. Hydrate yourself
Simply cut down on the amount of caffeine consumption and drink more water!

5. Play background music to help you concentrate
I recommend that you play music without lyrics as the words can be a source of distraction.

I hope that this short article has helped you in some way. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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