G011 | Productivity | 7 Powerful Ideas to Help You Prioritise

I. Prioritise by Importance, Urgency and Ease
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Notation: P/W{Importance[1-3], Urgency[1-3], Ease[1-3]}
Examples: P{3,2,1} An personal task which is of high importance, medium urgency and low ease


G014 | Productivity | Resolution for 2014


2014R1. (Blog) It is now 12pm Saturday 2014-03-01, I now have 180 articles written. I can see the list with my own eyes and I am very happy with myself.

2014R2. (Health) It is now 12pm Sunday 2014-06-01, I now weight less than 80kg. I can see the scale with my own eyes and I am very happy with myself.

2014R3. (Health) It is now 12pm Monday 2014-09-01, I now feel more energised than last year due to my intake of supplements, my regular twice-weekly exercise routine and my blogging on health topics. I can see the scale with my own eyes and I am very happy with myself.

2014R4. (French) It is now 12pm Monday 2014-12-01, I have now passed my C1 exam in French. I can see the certificate with my own eyes and I am very happy with myself.

G008 | Productivity | Adopt a Routine to Turbo Your Day

I had a lunch with my friend Ed and we were chatting about personal development, educational methodologies, techie stuff, the art of networking, among other things. We were talking about the power of routine and Ed was referring to me to his post on this topic and I feel fairly inspired. In the article, he talked about his routine to ease the transition between his work hours and evening hours.

I intend to take the following actions

  • Blog about my routines
  • Focus on my early evening routine inspired by Ed.

My evening routine plan as of 2013-12-31

  • S1 Change into comfort clothes while tidying away my work clothes
  • S2 Put on relaxing music or motivation audio
  • S3 Make a cup of camomille tea
  • S4 Quick shower

It’s Your Turn

What do you think? Do you use any routine consciously or unconsciously to be more productive? Do you have any tip that you can share. Do you have an suggestion? Do you want to me expand on any section. Share your experience in the comments box below.

G007 | Experiment | Less Forgetfulness

Combining the technique of anchoring and checklist and mnemonics, I intend to experiment with the following:

Tap my left shoulders with mentally going through the following checklist.

I. At home

  • Charge Phone and Gadgets
  • Organise my Stuff (with Trello)
  • Mini Plan – Reverse planning, JIP (Just in time planning)

mnemonics: a cop at home

II. When leaving house

  • Phones
  • Money (bank card and some cash)
  • Stuff for travel (tickets, Oyster/Navigo etc)
  • Keys

mnemonics: PM TK –> Afternoon shopping at Tk Max