G003 | Blogging | Creating Powerful Blog Titles that Are Generate Traffic

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. ” – John Wooden

Little things make all the difference. Now that there are literally billions of articles to read on the Internet, whether an article has a good title determines whether it even has a potential reader.

Here are some keys

Here, we discuss seven most important factors to consider when choosing a title

  • Actionable
  • Brief
  • Keyword-conscious
  • Clear
  • Definitive
  • Intriguing


Your reader is here to learn something, so action verbs invites readership

Example: How to Write a Business Plan in Five Easy Steps


Long titles are boring. Brief titles are more memorable and shareable

Example: How to Tweet like a Big Cheese


SEO makes all the difference after all.

Example: The 4 Essential Tips for Creating Amazing Landing Page Copy


We are all frustrated when something is communicated vaguely. Relieve your readers of this frustration.

Example: 5 tips to stop procrasting


Write in a confident way to inspire confidence.

Example: Top 10 Reasons why Rosetta Stone products do not work for most people


Set free your creative juice and compel a potential reader to read your article.

Example: Why Lady Gaga is the Queen of Social Media


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[ImpactBnd: Creating Powerful Blog Titles that Are Traffic Generating]


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