G004 | Productivity | 4 Steps and 3 Tips to Use Trello to Stay Super Organised

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Please nod your head if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the seemingly endless number of todo items on your plate.

When you decide what you want to do, there are seemingly hundreds of little creatures of the todo species battling for your attention, you feel overwhelmed and paralysed, you then decide to shoot some more birds on your smartphone, check on the statuses of someone you’ve haven’t met in like over 10 years or reorganise your desk for the 8th time this month. You then feel guilty afterwards and this is basically a vicious circle.

… But you know you are in intelligent person, and you want to feel that you are in control and that you are actually taking meaningful actions to bring you closer to your goal. So, what to do?

Well, there’s good news: managing your life, both professional and personal in Trello doesn’t have to be that daunting. With the right attitude and ideas at your disposal, you could easily visually manage your workflow and get great things done — all without reading more self-help books, paying for more overpriced Moleskin or constantly making boring todo lists.

To help you make the most out of Trello, we are creating Trello Ninja Guide. We’ll walk you through to the most crucial elements of maximising productivity through Trello, and give you 10+ templates you can use in your new or existing Trello setup.

4 Steps to Get the Most from Trello.

1) Sign up for Trello and install native apps

  • Sign up to Trello here.
  • Install native iOS or Android or Windows 8 apps with guide here

2) Explore and play with the Welcome Board

3) Create several boards depending on how you like to work

I would recommend

  • Main – this is basically a board of boards
  • Project: ABC, Project: XYZ – I recommend a project based organisation
  • Projects – where you can have an overview of your projects
  • Someday – a board for things you may want to do one day. This is a GTD concept. Read this guide for more information.

4) Constant use and constant evolution

I recommend that you look at your main boards at least 3 times a day and that you evolve and tweak the board set up every 4 weeks to keep the novelty factor.

3 Tips to Get the Most from Trello.

1) Use keyboard shortcuts

2) Use label as status updates

Instead of constantly moving cards around, I like to use Trello labels to indicate status, I personally use red for high priority tasks, yellow for in progress and blue for completed tasks

3) Use the Trello Resources Board for more ideas

It’s Your Turn

What do you think? What strategies do you or your business use to stay organised? What has your experience with Trello been so far? What aspects would you like me to explain more? Share your experience in the comments box below.


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