G020 | Personal Development | 4 Steps and 3 Tips to Build a Daily Visioning Habit

Have you ever tried to stay focused on a goal? If so, you’ll know that it’s difficult because the initial motivation when you set the goal can fade away rather quickly. So what do you do? Many people have found success by focusing on their Vision daily. But there are a few things you should bare in mind to maximise your chance of success. This post will suggest to you a few steps and tips to develop a daily visioning habit that will let you successfully stayed focussed on your goal.

Step 1. Externalisation.
Write out your vision.
“It is now 201x-01-01, I now have a successful blog with 100+ daily visitors.

Step 2. Proliferation.
Turn it into a picture by taking a screenshot or a photo and set it as the wallpaper for your phone and/or computer.

Step 3. Repetition
Read it out loud every day and/or listen to it using a text-to-speech application on your phone or computer.

Step 4. Revision
Update your vision statement when you feel that it is appropriate.

Idea 1 | Apply the “Choose Your Focus” model
This model by David Rock suggests that there are 5 levels of focus at any given time for any given situation. These are, namely, Vision, Planning, Details, Problem and Drama. The key is be more mindful of which level we are at at a particular point in time.

Idea 2 | Use the Lift App to make general habit building easier.
See Lift.do

Idea 3 | Visualisation
Visualise as vividly as possible to make visioning more powerful.

It’s Your Turn

What do you think? What strategies do you or your business use to stay focused on your goals? What has your experience with goal-orientation so far? What aspects would you like me to explain more? Share your experience in the comments box below.